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About Us

Through Music, Mindfulness, Movement and Art, Camp Kool Kreativ empowers and amplifies campers’ creativity and resilience, enhancing their connection to the Earth, themselves, and each other.


Camp Kool Kreativ seeks to highlight community, broaden perspectives, find commonalities, appreciate diversity, and respect perceived differences.


Camp Kool Kreativ offers campers ‘inlets’–ways in that access their inner resources, discovering comfort and familiarity with their

mind-body connection through the Alexander Technique and movement in play, as well as ‘outlets’–ways out: to interact and

relate with the world using their unique creative voice through Music, compose songs through rhyme and rhythm; Mindful Movement, dance qigong and play; and Art,  through Kool Krafts.


Additionally, they will be introduced to organ, jazz piano, conducting, traditional (African) drumming, and brass instruments to learn

music while moving -- further sparking their creativity.

Welcome to
Camp Kool Kreativ

Neil Maxey
Jazz Piano, Song Kreation
Christian Orr
Teaching Assistant, Conducting, Trumpet
Abdul Muhammed
Traditional (African) Drumming
Timothy Olsen.jpg
Martina Moore 
Art, Kool Krafts
Judith Saxton
Program Founder, Director, Lead Teacher, Mindful Movement + Music
Our Staff and Program Director
Judith Saxton is a 35-year musician/educator and Certified Alexander Technique Teacher.  Former Trumpet Professor at UNC School of the Arts and Acting Principal Trumpet in Winston Salem, she is familiar to Winston Salem's Arts and Education community. She looks forward to welcoming your children to Camp Kool Kreativ!
Session 1: First Baptist Church (on Fifth)
Sanctuary Pic. 1
Sanctuary Pic. 2
Music Classroom
Art Classroom
Sanctuary Pipe Organ
Organ Pipes!
Session 2: St Timothy's Episcopal Church - closed 
Drake Hall/Classroom
Outdoor Mindful Movement Classroom Pic. 1
Outdoor Mindful Movement Classroom Pic. 2
Organ Keyboard Manual 
20231115_115148 (1).jpg
Sancutary Organ (1898) in use Today!
Pictures of Our Facilities, Winston Salem, NC
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