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Through Music, Mindfulness, Movement and Art, Camp Kool Kreativ empowers

and amplifies campers’ creativity and resilience, enhancing their connection

to the Earth, themselves, and each other.​​​

Q: My child is a rising 2nd or rising 6th grader, does that mean they can't register for Camp Kool Kreativ?

A: That's correct. We've found the campers have a great experience when they're developmentally matched with their rising 3rd -5th grade peers. There is a currently a small possibility that we can accommodate them on a wait-list basis, but only after a conversation with our program director. Please reach out with further questions/concerns.

Q: I work early in the morning, can I drop my child off early?

A:  We have a camper arrival time of 8:45 am. Our staff and instructors will begin teaching at 9:00 AM. We will not have anyone available to look after your child before 8:30 AM. Please make arrangements so your camper may still participate!

Q: I can't make the noon pick-up time, will after-camp daycare be available?

A: All of our teachers and volunteers work elsewhere too, so we cannot offer after-camp daycare. All the campers will be ready for pickup at 12:00 pm, except for Thursday when we will finish by 12:30 pm following our final public program celebrating the campers activities throughout the week. 

Q:  I see there are t-shirts for purchase, is a t-shirt included in the registration fee for my camper?

A: Yes, a free t-shirt is included, and on the registration form we ask for your Camper's t-shirt size. We hope you may enjoy the shirts enough to purchase more for friends and family! Check out our 'kool' 2023 & 2024 design/colors, and help build the Camp Kool Kreativ community!

Q: Does Camp Kool Kreativ provide snacks or a lunch to my camper?

A: Yes, your registration fee will include snacks! However, since our morning camp finishes at noon, we do not provide lunch. Daily snack-time is at 10:30 AM, and we provide fresh fruits, beverages, and healthy snacks. The registration form asks about any food allergies your camper may have, and we will accommodate these. You are welcome to bring your own snack; a refrigerator will be available. 

Q: I don't have the means to pay for the full price of Camp Kool Kreativ right now, is there financial aid?

A: Our Early Bird coupon code [EARLYBIRD24] expired April 8. Camp Kool Kreativ is reliant upon grant funding, and is working steadily to increase donations. We have received some funding from the HINES fund for those under-resourced in our community. You will need to reach out to us directly if not affiliated with the groups with whom we've been in partnership. We encourage you to contact us, though It's likely that if you have not received notice of a different coupon code, we may not be able to extend any further financial assistance for our value-priced camp. Please check your community resources for financial aid. We hope this can help your camper enjoy this phenomenal week of fun Music, Mindfulness, Movement and Art in a safe, loving community and environment. Feel free to contact our Program Administrator with further questions/concerns.

Q: My camper and I won't be able to attend the final public free program celebration on Thursday at noon—is this required? 

A: No, it is not required, though we highly recommend that campers attend the final celebration to showcase all that they've learned and created during the week! We sincerely hope to see any parents, family and friends that can make it!

Q: Will there be any large or delicate 'kool krafts' I would need to transport after the public program?

A: Not likely. We thoughtfully choose Krafts that are both fun to make and sturdy and easy to transport.

Q: Does my camper need know how to play any instruments in order to participate?

A: No, no need to know how to play them first. That's the beauty of our camp - we aim to spark interest in camper's creativity by introducing and demonstrating a variety of instruments. Furthermore, organ, conducting and drumming allow students to try them -- embodying the experience of making music with an instrument!
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